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Elodea Crispa-large bunches

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Elodea Crispa-large bunches

Price: £1.90
Special Offer: £1.33
Product Code: Lilies Elode
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Elodea Crispa-large bunches Click the image above to enlarge.

Product Information

Suitable For

Uses & Conditions for Plants
Creeping / Groundcover Plants
Floating Leaves and Surface Cover
Frost Hardy
Full Sun
Medicinal and Edible plants
Nitrate Removing Plant
Partial Shade
Plants to attract Amphibians
Plants to attract Bees
Plants to attract Birds and Mammals
Plants to attract Butterflies
Suitable for Natural Clay or Silt Planting
Suitable for patio water-gardening
Suitable for Streams & Ditches
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Water Depth: 45-120 cm

Submerged oxygenating plant. Excellent for oxygenating and maintaining clean healthy pond water and providing a protected environment for small fish and wildlife. Our lead weighted bunches come from a special supplier and are excellent in value as they are twice the size of regular bunches sold in garden centres and aquatic retail outlets. also available in large quantities at special discounted rates, please see our trade discounts category in the left hand menu on our home page. Water depth 45-120 cm.

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