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The UK's Leading Retail Supplier of Pond Plants & Water Lilies

We have kept our prices the same since 2007, unfortunately due to the price increase of potting materials, (pots, trays, labels etc), energy bills, labour, and transit costs, we have had to increase the cost of our plants, dry goods and postage and packing charges

I have been collecting and cultivating interesting, unusual and rare water garden plants and aquatic pond plants for over 32 years. My collections of water lilies and aquatic pond plants are as diverse as the countries I source them from and I have hundreds of aquatic and perennial plants that are very rare in cultivation - many of which you simply won't find anywhere else. 

We grow and sell a huge range of water garden and pond plants to suit the needs of our UK clients which include the general public, landscapers, garden designers, wildlife projects, swimming pond projects, and botanical gardens etc.

Water gardening covers many different garden environments, which is why we are called Lilies Water Gardens; we grow pond plants for the following types of water gardens and wild natural damp habitats: all sized garden ponds, natural wild ponds, lakes, patio water features, damp woodland areas, rock gardens, bog-gardens, canals, ditches, streams, water meadows, swimming ponds and moist borders.

We have the most diverse collection of pond plants and water garden plants in the UK, available to buy online or from our retail nursery, our collection includes hundreds of exclusive, new and rare pond plants that you simply cannot buy anywhere else in the UK, we grow over 250 different water lilies and over 150 different species and cultivars of Pond Iris as well as many other very special pond plants.

Adding to the above, we also offer our unique collection of Ferns, Alpines, and moist perennial pond plants to enhance all aspects of water gardening. Our chosen varieties of poolside plants in cultivation are grown for their flower and fauna to enhance and bring to life all ponds and water garden habitats. Using our extensive range of over 750 pond plants and water garden plants, you will be able to create a beautiful new look for any UK pond. I feel very  proud to be able to supply the most diverse and  largest collection of pond plants and water garden plants in the UK and Europe all available to buy online.

Call us today at Lilies Water Gardens on 01306 631064 for advice on pond plants and planting up your water garden.

If you are a complete novice, no problem, someone will be on hand to give you advice, answer your questions and help you choose the right pond plants for your project.

Pond planting accessories and pond treatments will keep your pond plants lush and healthy and your pond water clean and fresh.

In our pond accessories range, you will find many pond planting products, including eco-friendly water treatments which will help create and maintain a healthy balance for all your aquatic pond plants and wildlife that fresh water habitats attract. Available for clients across the UK, we stock everything from aquatic baskets, liners, aquatic soils, top gravel, container ponds and floating plant islands to a wide range of products to help maintain healthy water, algae treatments, duckweed treatments, plant foods and sludge treatments including our very popular stock of Eco-Pond products. Not forgetting frogs, we have two types of very popular, specially formulated tadpole foods to please even the most fussiest tadpole. 

No matter if you are buying for a garden pond, stream, bog-garden, patio water garden, water meadow or wish to bring your rockery or waterfall into full colour and life, you will find everything you need here, or by visiting our dedicated retail nursery outlet in Surrey. Thinking of buying pond plants for someone else? No problem! Take a look at our range of gift cards and vouchers. You will find all the aquatic pond plants and water lilies that you need right here in order to create your perfect water garden. 

We are one of the country's leading experts in British native pond plants

For complete beginners or those specialising and looking for something just a little different, we have a comprehensive range of British native pond plants suitable for colonising back garden ponds, wetland habitats such as water meadows and natural clay bottomed ponds and lakes, once planted you can look forward to the abundance of British wildlife that fresh water habitats and ponds attract.

We offer a wide range of different pond plants for your garden or outdoor space, including:

  • Alpines and rock garden plants
  • British wild aquatic pond and bog garden plants
  • Ferns
  • Free floating pond plants
  • Marginal and bog garden pond plants
  • Moisture loving perennial plants
  • Oxygenating, deep water and submerged pond plants
  • Water lilies
  • Pond Plant Collections
  • Aquatic baskets
  • Water garden planting accessories
  • Algae, blanket weed and duckweed treatments
  • Aquatic plant foods
  • Aquatic soils & Top Gravel
  • Eco-pond products
  • Tadpole foods
  • Sludge treatments
  • Pond water treatments and products
  • Gifts
  • Pond Accessories
  • Gift cards
  • Vi Pots Biodegradable Pots


Unfortunately due to new rules and regulations we are no longer able to supply EU countries.

Happy Water Gardening!

Simon Harman - Proprietor of Lilies Water Gardens

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