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Here at Lilies Water Gardens, I am very passionate about collecting and selling water garden plants which I have done now for over 32 years. What started out as a small collection of plants grown for the garden trade, has matured over time to the largest collection of water garden plants in the UK, which are suitable for all imaginable water environments and surrounding areas. 

My collection of over 750 water garden plants consists of over 250 water lily cultivars and over 150 different water iris, and this has all been achieved by research and making contacts with other enthusiasts from all parts of the globe. Over the past 10 years, I have built my very unique collection of Louisiana Iris to over 70 different cultivars, but most importantly, around 20 different new and inspiring hardy blue and purple water lilies which are stunningly beautiful and so much so, that they really have to be seen to be believed.

Every year dozens of new plants become exclusively available to buy for the first time from my website and retail nursery, and I supply good quality water plants to a wide spectrum of clients such as the general public, garden enthusiasts, garden designers, landscapers, schools and universities, show gardens, research laboratories, zoos, botanical gardens, fishing lakes, filtration projects, photographers and our water garden beginners.

I also supply to the whole of the UK and EU countries and have a special online category called “Trade discounts on quantity"  for larger planting projects,” which has been specifically designed to help my customers who are working on larger schemes. I supply beautiful native pond plants that will make any pond stand out. Alongside these plants, I provide a wide range of pond water treatment products to keep your water garden clean and healthy and looking its best.

Call me (Simon) or one of my staff members at Lilies Water Gardens today on 01306 631064 to go through your water plant requirements. From pond planting to a wide range of lilies and other water plants available for purchase; I have exactly what you need to create a beautiful garden and pond for your property. 

Thousands of hours have been put in to making my website as user-friendly as possible and on my homepage I have created a extremely useful tool called “plants to suit all your needs,”  and this has been especially designed to help all my customers to choose suitable pond planting that will fit in perfectly with their schemes and will also enhance their designs and the surroundings.

Also on my website, you will find an extensive and quickly growing collection of over 130 articles on all subjects of water gardening and the wildlife it attracts. From solving blanket weed problems to every kind of native pond plant that I stock; we provide you with the information needed on choosing the perfect pond plants that suit you.

Over the years I have created many award winning show gardens for the Hampton Court Flower Show. To view some example of my Hampton Court Flower Show gardens, please click here. Having a history of creating over 12 show gardens I am able to give advice as to what will or will not work when it comes to planting your pond and water garden, however I am not a garden designer by trade, neither do I have the time to be able to supply planting plans or planting schemes. What I am able to do as an experienced nursery owner is supply healthy specimen pond plants that are all true to name to my old existing and new clients. 



3rd March to 29th August - Tues to Sat 9 AM to 5 PM
(now open 5 days a week)


Duckweed-Free Plants

All my marginal plants and water lilies are grown in a duck-weed free environment, the majority of which are grown on a capillary matting irrigation system. Our range of stunning new pond plants are perfect for any pond, no matter what it is you are looking for. Be it water lilies or one of my rock garden plants, I have the aquatic plants that are sure to meet your requirements and stand out in your pond.

Online Shopping & Mail Order

All my aquatic pond plants and pond planting products are available to buy online or by mail order. I have carefully created my online categories and designed my website to make navigation, online shopping and the online payment process a pleasant and stress free process and experience. 

As well as plants we hold a range of water garden products including planting accessories, pond water treatments and other useful products.

If you have any queries please contact us. I  look forward to hearing from you.

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The Allotment Water Garden
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Why Wont my Water Lily Produce Flowers?
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This is a question that I am frequently asked, but the good news is, it’s a question that can be easily answered.  By going through the check lists below you should find an answer that will rectify any problem you may have, thus resulting in plenty of beautiful Water Lily blooms all summer long.   […]

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