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Algae, Blanket Weed and Duckweed Treatments

Every year as soon as the weather warms up and the sun comes out we are faced with a bloom of fibrous or slimy green algae, green-water or duckweed problems. If you are experiencing blanket weed problems or green algae forming, try and get ahead of it by purchasing one of our pond water treatments as they are sure to clear out your pond.

It is important to keep your pond free of blanket weed problems and issues with our pond water treatments not only for aesthetic reasons, but because algae, green water and duckweed can damage your pond plants. With pond water treatments, you will be able to keep your pond plants safe from harm and lasting longer without the risk of blanket weed problems.

As one of the UK's pond specialists, we have a variety of different pond water treatments available to solve blanket weed problems, all of which are pesticide free and harmless to fish and wild-life. Pond water treatment products are a great idea to help rid your ponds of blanket weed and algae problems, ensuring that your pond continues to look its best.

Some pond water treatments are based on a old remedy of Barley Straw as a natural product, others are a bi-product in the form of a liquid extract. CLOVER-LEAF voted two years running in "koi-magazine" works by reducing minerals and enzymes.

All pond water treatments respond better when the water is aerated. This helps move the pond water treatments around your pond and ensures they are spread out.

Pond water treatments are ideal for small or large ponds across the UK and we have a wide range of pond water treatments to help a selection of issues.

If you are suffering with blanket weed problems, get in contact with our specialists and we will advise you on the best pond water treatments for you.

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