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Planting Water Lilies

Planting Water Lilies The first thing to consider before buying your water lilies, is the location in which they will be planted. All varieties will thrive in a sunny location and all will grow stronger, faster, and produce more flowers … Continue reading

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Pond Plants Need Feeding Too!

Pond Plants Need Feeding Too! Nearly all plants require nutrients in the form of nitrate, phosphate and co2 in order to grow, flourish and produce flowers. The majority take what they need from the soil they grow in, and some … Continue reading

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Frog Spawning Season

Frog Spawning Season After all the heavy snow and feezing conditions we usually experience in December, spring is always a welcome sight & thankfully just around the corner. January and February so far, have been reasonably mild, & if you know what to look for, there … Continue reading

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A Guide To Pond Plants

A Guide to Pond Plants Having created our pond, lake, stream or bog-garden, the next step is the planting, and the most exciting part is that no two water gardens need to ever look the same; you can create something … Continue reading

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