Pseudata New in the World of Iris


Pseudata New in the World of Iris


Iris Pseudata is a cross between Japanese Iris Ensata and our native Iris Pseudacorus.  The results of matching these two lovely Iris, are quite stunning.  The cultivars come in a splendid selection of whites, purples, yellows, pinks, blues and pastel tones, and all carry distinct eye-shadow markings. There are now up to one hundred or maybe even more Iris Pseudata cultivars in existence. These stunning Iris are fairly new in the Iris world and the first cultivars were introduced around the end of the 20th century. Pseudata Kurokawa-Noh 10.00 x 12 pic

I have been collecting water Iris for about thirty years now and Iris Chances of Beauty was my first Pseudata.  From the moment I saw this lovely Iris, I was hooked and I am now on the lookout for other cultivars to start off the beginning of my new collection,  Next  year, I will have five splendid cultivars to introduce to you on my website  I will have many other cultivars on the nursery for cultivation, photography and display purposes.Pseudata Yukiyanagi 8.00 x 12 pic

Pseudata’s are easy to grow as a marginal plant in 0-6cm of water, although I have some here at Lilies Water Gardens that are happily growing in a water depth of 10cm.  Alternatively, you could plant them in a bog-garden or moist perennial border.  Fortunately, they need little care and their requirements are quite simple and easy to accommodate.  They love the sun and like a good feed in the spring with Osmocote tablets which we use here, at the nursery as they a good source of nourishment and are also safe to use in the water and for wildlife.  Iris Pseudata grows into tidy 3- 4 ft high clumps and puts on a magnificent display of stunning flowers.Pseudata Akimatsuri x 3 pic

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