Aquatic Baskets and Pond Plants


Aquatic Baskets and Pond Plants

Unfortunately, there is a lot of misleading information all over the internet about certain sized pre-planted aquatic baskets being sold as Pond Ready and the baskets not requiring  aquatic liners Therefore, I feel as a grower that I need to provide some accurate information and explanations!



(Aquatic baskets don’t need liners!!!)



If you are planting into aquatic baskets in any situation it is essential that you use liners.  Any baskets planted without liners, will lose half the soil content within one season due to the movement of the water from pond pumps, waterfalls, moving fish, and even the wind rippling the water surface.  Pond plants require a stable footing and their roots tucked in tight under silt, clay or aquatic soil.   If the soil has been washed or eroded away from around their delicate roots, the pond plant will grow weak or simply float away.  For best results line your baskets with Cloth LinersInlegdoekjes sfeer

Round 17 cm baskets = 45cm cloth liners

Round 23 cm baskets = 45cm cloth liners

Square 24 cm baskets = 45cm cloth liners

Oxygenating 20 cm baskets =  45cm cloth liners

Square 29 cm baskets = 60cm cloth liners

Contour baskets = 60cm cloth liners

Extra Large Square 40cm baskets = 90cm cloth liners




(Plants sold as ‘Pond Ready’ in small aquatic baskets!!!)



With the exception of a handful of miniature species and cultivars, the vast majority of Pond plants that are sold in 9cm or 11cm size aquatic baskets are ‘NOT POND READY’!  Plants offered in any size smaller than a round 17cm aquatic basket, will fall over or blow off of your marginal shelving in the first gust of wind that blows their way.  Aquatic plants need room to grow and there is just not enough room for them to establish in 9cm or 11cm baskets so, they are therefore, ‘not pond ready’ as they will need re-potting into larger containers as soon as you have bought them.


Important Information

There is a very good reason why, here at Lilies Water Gardens, we only sell our pond plants in solid pots,  and the reason for that is, we can always guarantee that they are 100% Duckweed free,  duckweed is a tiny highly invasive plant that loves to cling to aquatic baskets and find its way into the baskets  through their  tiny  holes, once inside a basket amongst the wet earth  duckweed can hide unnoticeable, however this problem does not exist when growing pond plants to sell in solid black pots. Once Duckweed takes control, there is no way to control it. For that reason, here at Lilies Water Gardens we sell all of our aquatic planting containers separate to all of our solid pot range of pond plants thus resulting in a 100% Duckweed free growing environment.  After all, Duckweed is the last thing you want in your pond!


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