How to Attract Dragonflies with Glyceria Maxima



How to Attract Dragonflies with Glyceria Maxima


Dragonflies are simply amazing to see.  These giant winged insects swoop and dart around at great speeds whilst they catch smaller insects to eat though they are also seeking out a suitable water environment where they can lay their eggs.  However, it’s not just water that will attract them.


These amazing insects seem to have a built in instinctive recognition of areas of water that hold pond plants that are more attractive as a breeding ground.  On the wing in early summer to early Autumn, these stunning creatures are constantly looking for areas of water that contain marginal plants that have stems and leaves that emerge up out of the water and here’s why.  Dragonflies spend most of their lives as nymphs under the water, so when the time comes for them to take to the skies, the nymphs emerge out of the water by climbing the stems of their favored pond  plants and Glyceria Maxima, is one such favored plant as it has perfect stems and leaves for the newly emerged dragonflies to cling to whilst they dry off and expand their wings.


Glyceria Maxima is a lovely foliage plant with long narrow bright green leaves, the species is very natural looking, but there is also a cultivar called Glyceria Maxima Variegata that has cream and green variegated leaves.  The variegated form also has a trick up its sleeve.  In early spring March and April, the newly emerged leaves are quite literally a bright, natural looking pink, giving a spectacular show of colour to your water garden or pond.



Here’s to Glyceria Maxima!

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