Potentilla Palustris for attracting Bees to your Wildlife Pond

Potentilla Palustris For Attracting Bees To Your Wildlife Pond


This is going to be a short article but an informative guide to one of Britain’s prettiest native pond and wetland plants.  Potentilla Palustris, also known as (Purple Wort), (Purple Marshwort), (Marsh Cinquefoil) or (Bog-Strawberry), can be found growing wild in various wetland habitats such as marsh lands and by the edge of rivers and streams.  Marsh Cinquefoil is a low growing non-invasive perennial and it produces low growing, long trailing woody stems that produce a low carpet of narrow, silvery-green, serrated strawberry looking leaves that will hang out over the water surface providing essential cover for wildlife.  This plant makes an excellent marginal plant for the edges of ponds and grows in 0-2 cm of shallow water.



Attracting An Abundance Of Bees

My favourite thing about this plant is the amount of Bees it attracts. During the summer months of June and July, Purple Marshwort produces masses of maroon coloured flowers that look a little bit like miniature Wild Roses.  These small flowers are a favourite of Bees, Hoverflies and various other pollinating insects.


I strongly recommend Potentilla Palustris as an essential, native marginal pond plant, and especially if you are a Bee Keeper!



This plant will give you a real buzz….

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