Marginal Plants, Perennials or Woodland Ferns?

Marginal Plants, Perennials or Woodland Ferns?

Marginal plants are so called and categorized for a good reason, they grow at the water’s edge (water margin) where land meets water, in natural clay or silt based ponds the water margin will rise in times of flooding and sink in times of drought, this natural rise and fall in water levels also happens to a lesser degree in man made concrete ponds, preformed  fibre glass ponds and butyl rubber lined ponds. In natural ponds True marginal plants are quite adaptable and have different ways of dealing with extremes of seasonal weather, some produce long roots that will always find the water table, while others in the time of drought will self seed and germinate and colonize when the natural water levels rise again







The plants listed below are Perennials and Ferns, and certainly NOT Marginal Plants

List of Perennials being advertised and sold as Marginal Plants.

Ajuga Reptans

Alium Schoenoprasum

Astilbe (all cultivars)

Athyrium (all Athyrium Ferns)

Cammassia (all Cammasia species and cultivars)

Dryopteris Erythrosaura (all Dryopteris Ferns)

Filipendula Rubra Venusta

Eupatorium Cannibinum

Hostas (all cultivars)

Iris Setosa

Iris Sibirica (all cultivars)

Lobelia Siphilitica

Lysimachia Epherum

Mimulus Lewisii

Mimulus Cardinalis

Mimulus Cupreus


Monarda (all cultivars)

Persicaria Bistorta Superba

Physostegia Virginiana

Schizostylis (all cultivars)

Trollius (all cultivars)


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