Stunning New Water Lily Cultivars for 2019!


Stunning New Water Lily Cultivars for 2019!

I have been collecting rare, new and unusual pond plants for over 25 years from all corners of the globe.  Importing pond plants can be a complicated process that involves plant health inspections and certificates plus a mind boggling amount of importation paperwork and airport clearance. It is therefore, not surprising that very few people in the UK import aquatic pond plants.  However, for me, it is well worth the effort and time to source, grow and propagate exclusive pond plants to sell from my retail nursery and online website


The pride of all my plant collections has to be my exclusive Water Lily collection which I have proudly built up over the years. This year I have some Very Special, New Waterlily Cultivars available to buy for the first time.  Water Lily hybridization has come a long way over the last decade, resulting in more vibrant colours, more petals and perfectly shaped flowers.  The Water Lilies and their links listed below, are simply stunning and are exclusive only to buy in the UK, from Lilies Water Gardens.

Nymphaea Golden Star







Nymphaea Cranberry Cup







Nymphaea Violicious







Nymphaea Siam Jasmine







Nymphaea Haunting Beauty







Nymphaea Kiss the Sky








Nymphaea Siam Angel







Nymphaea Concordia







Nymphaea Fireball







Nymphaea Angelique







Nymphaea Pink Tulip







Nymphaea Honey Cup







Nymphaea Pink Dawn







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