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Important Delivery/Covid-19 Information: Updated 28.07.21 - Our dispatch time for online orders is currently 5 working days, all orders are dispatched Mondays and Tuesdays, click and collect option is available at online checkout. The nursery is open to visitors, Tuesdays to Saturdays, 9 am to 5 pm. Important Info to visitors: Please can we ask you to still wear a face mask inside the shop and payment area in order to protect our staff.


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Container Ponds UK

If you've got a small pond and want some stunningly beautiful plants or water features that add real elegance and style to your UK outdoor space and work perfectly alongside your containers, we have a wide variety of plants available.

Container water gardening in the UK isn't a new thing; in fact, there are quite literally hundreds of different water features, including old sinks and tubs that can be brought to life by planting the right pond plants. 

The container pond plants we supply and deliver are compact in growth, perfectly suited to growing in small areas of water and miniature sized container ponds and don't grow too high either. 

If you would like to learn more about container ponds, then call today on 01306 631064, or get in touch by sending a message through our contact form.

Container ponds are perfect for any kind of garden

Sold in 1 litre, 9 cm and 7 cm solid black pots, or sometimes bare-rooted, depending on the speed of seasonal spread and growth, our container plants are ideal for any UK garden pond or outdoor space. 

Please see our category listings in the top menu for aquatic planting accessories, aquatic soils and aquatic gravel available across the UK.

Our aquatic plants and container ponds are heavy feeders, so don't forget to add plant food to your shopping basket too.

Reliable container ponds sold to customers across the whole of the UK

Some of our other plants ideal for large container ponds and larger water garden projects are available in large quantities at special discounted rates; please see our trade discounts category in the top menu.

Our container pond plants are supplied and delivered to customers across the whole of the UK, so place an order for some today! Call us on 01306 631064, or visit our contact page to send us a message and discuss your requirements with us.

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