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A Huge Variety of Pond Plants

At Lilies Waters Gardens, we pride ourselves on our extensive range of pond plants available across our site.

Our native pond plants are extremely popular with our customers, as well as local wildlife; from dragonflies to amphibians. Pond plants not only add something vibrant and interesting to your garden or outdoor space, but airate your ponds and water features. All our pond plants are dispatched in 1 litre, 7cm and 9cm solid black pots,  certain species and cultivars are grown from tubers and rhizomes for example Water Lilies, Water Iris and Pontaderias, plants of this growing nature are sold as section barerooted plants, many of our perennials and alpine plants are sold as plug-plants that will make mature flowering sized plants the same season as purchase. 

If you would like to learn more about our huge selection of pond plants available on our site and at our nursery, then call us today on 01306 631064, or send us a message through our contact form.

Beautiful pond plants for your garden

Ever looked out into your garden and thought there was something missing? Perhaps your pond is looking a little drab and could use with something to bring out its colour? Pond plants come in a multitude of colours, shapes and sizes and are ideal for sprucing up your garden with a splash of vibrancy. At Lilies Water Gardens, we deliver all of our pond plants across the UK, so wherever you are, you have all of our pond plants on site readily available to you.

You will need some items to best care for your pond plants, such as planting accessories and aquatic soils and gravel, and when buying your pond plants it is a good idea to know how to care for them. If you are looking to buy pond plants from Lilies Water Gardens, then you should take a look at our FAQ page to find the answers to any of your questions about pond plants.

Pond plants create a fantastic environment for animals in your garden as well as maintaining a healthy and clean ecosystem for your pond. For everyone using our website, there are specific online only sales for certain pond plants and other accessories that you can find on this page.

Delivering pond plants across the UK

Whether you live in Scotland, Wales or England, we will be able to deliver our pond plants to you. Our nursery is open from the 1st March to 31st August, so make sure to pop by if you have any questions about pond plants that are not answered on the site. Please use our search bar at the top of our page to search for the name of the pond plants you are looking for, or the British Wild Aquatic Pond and Bog Garden Plants link to the left to browse our vast selection of pond plants on our website.

To learn more about our range of pond plants and to speak to a friendly and knowledgeable member of our gardening team, then call us today on 01306 631064, or visit our contact page.

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