Native Pond Plants Collection
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Native Pond Plants Collection

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collection of native pond plants

This product is currently not available.
Native Pond Plants Collection

Product Information

Our Unique collection of Native Pond Plants, this diverse collection of plants have all been chosen to bring colour to your water garden, attract wildlife and oxygenate natural clay bottomed ponds and lakes, all the plants in this collection will colonise given time over a number of years, however if you are planting a large area we suggest buying this collection in multiple numbers, 3, 5, 7 etc, sometimes certain species are out of stock and therefore we will send substitutes of the same value.

All the plants in this collection can be planted straight into clay or silt, there is no need to use aquatic baskets if you have a good substrate of clay or aquatic silt/mud in which to plant into. 

1 x Hydrocotyl Vulgaris, ( 7 cm pot ) oxygenating plant

1 x Eleocharis Acicularis, ( 7 cm pot ) oxygenating plant

1 x Eriophorum Angustifolium, ( 7 cm pot ) marginal plant

1 x Lythrum Salicara, ( 9 cm pot ) marginal plant/bog garden plant

1 x Sparganium Erectum,  (  9 cm pot ) marginal plant

1 x Myasotis Palustris,  ( 1 litre pot ) marginal plant

1 x Potentilla Palustris, ( 1 litre pot ) marginal/bog garden plant

1 x Nymphaea Alba, ( bare-rooted ) water lily

1 x Ranunculus Aquatilis, ( bunched ) oxygenating plant

1 x Callitriche Stagnalis, ( bunched ) oxygenating plant

1 x Ludwigia Palustris,  ( bunched ) oxygenating plant

1 x Iris Pseudacorus ( bare-rooted ) marginal/bog garden plant

Aquatic Soil

Aquatic soil is heavy in weight an will therefore increase the cost of postage and packing. Heavy sand or clay based top soil from your back garden will make a fine planting substrate, molehill soil is even better. NEVER use peat based soil or your plants will float up out of your newly planted baskets/planting bags.

Aquatic Top Gravel

Aquatic gravel is heavy in weight and will therefore increase the cost of postage and packing. Top gravel is used as a decorative finish or as an added protection and deterrent to inquisitive/plant destructive koi-carp and other large fish. We only sell 4-6mm grade aquatic gravel as any grade larger will inhibit plant growth. NEVER place large pebbles or stones on top of your Aquatic Planting Baskets

Uses & Conditions For Plants

Frost Hardy
Full Sun
Nitrate Removing Plant
Partial Shade
Plants to attract Amphibians
Plants to attract Birds and Mammals
Plants to attract Butterflies
Suitable for Natural Clay or Silt Planting
Suitable for Swimming Ponds


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