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Shallow water marginal pond plants for shallow pond margins where land meets wat

Shallow water marginal pond plants grow as the title suggests are best planted at the edge of ponds, lakes and streams where the water meets the land. In nature water levels rise and fall so most marginal pond plants can adapt to seasonal flooding and spells of drought. Marginal pond plants will naturalise the edges of ponds and water gardens and will attract all kinds of pond life and other wildlife to your pond.

The pond plants in this category are sold in various potted formats, certain marginal plants like Water Iris and Pontederia species and cultivars grow from tubers and rhizomes and are sold as bare rooted plants without pots.

Please see our category listings in the top menu for aquatic planting accessories, aquatic soils and gravel.

Aquatic pond plants and water lilies are heavy feeders so don't forget to add plant food to your shopping basket.

Some of our shallow marginal plants are available in large quantities at special discounted rates; please see our trade discounts category in the top menu.

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